Doing the Most: Enkare, Jameson Live and more

Guys, let’s talk about Jameson for a minute. Remember those guys from PRK that I told you about earlier this year? The guys who brought Kurt Schlechter to Kenya? Let’s talk about how they’re doing the most.

We’ve finally made it to December, or as some like to call it — Drinkscember. The time of year where we party like there hasn’t been anything to do for the past 11 months and disregard our hurting bank accounts. It’s almost like a race to see how quickly we can spend the salary in our accounts before the early December deposit.

For the past month, Jameson has been throwing some pretty sweet activations. From their #JamesonHangout to the Enkare launch at Brew Bistro and last (but most certainly not least) Jameson Live featuring B.o.B this weekend!

Check out the video from the #JamesonHangout below:

It was a fantastic night filled with cool people who bar hopped from Brew Bistro, to Juniper Kitchen, and ended our night at Bacchaus… Kind of like a Jameson Safari (if you will). If you’ve been to Bacchaus (or electric avenue) recently, you may have noticed the Jameson food truck parked across the street from Bacchaus. It was a perfect spot to end the night with some delicious treats from the food truck. Each bar featured a different Jameson cocktail that was delicious. Jayson of wrote up a great post where he actually featured the recipes for the cocktails we tried!

Moving right along to the Enkare launch which was only a few weeks after the #JamesonHangout.

The Brew Bistro set up
The Brew Bistro set up
Me and Adel Aljaedy (PRK)
Me and Adel Aljaedy (PRK)
Me, Jayson Mbogo (JayTakeAPic.Com) and Franklin Saiyalel (Kenyan Stylista)
Me, Jayson Mbogo (JayTakeAPic.Com) and Franklin Saiyalel (Kenyan Stylista)

Enkare is the beer that was a collaboration brew by Brew Bistro and Jameson. They put Kifabock (a Brew Bistro beer) into Jameson barrels, let it age, and voila! Enkare was born.


In case you missed it — there was a Brew Barrel competition that gave one lucky winner the opportunity to go to Ireland for St. Patrick’s day. Khamal Reiner was the man with the winning logo design and I met him at the launch. In case you’re wondering, it’s true, he’s agreed to put me in his suitcase for his epic journey to Ireland. #StPatricksDay2016 here I come!

Khamala Reiner with his Enkare logo design
Khamala Reiner with his Enkare logo design

Here’s the Enkare video:

Aaaaaand last but not least, I’m looking forward to going to the Jameson Live event this Saturday. Jameson Live is (arguably) the biggest event that Jameson throws every year where they bring in an international artist and this year it’s sure to be a good one. Will I be seeing any of you there? Headlining will (of course) be B.o.B. and the opening acts are looking strong. They’ve got Just A Band, Blinky Bill, MDQ, Fena, King Kaka, DJ Big Bear DJ Bash and DJ John all lined up to get the party started. It’s going to be a killer night for music and live performances.

Last video, here’s the promo for #JamesonLiveKe woop woop!

Side bar: lol at the way B.o.B. says Ngong. Can’t blame him though, that’s how it sounds when you read it phonetically.

Okay but seriously, if you’re thinking of going or definitely going, let me know in the comments section below. 🙂

Photos courtesy of The Event Photographer

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  2. What… it’s not En-Gong??

  3. Epic times …Jameson killing it as usual.

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