9 Things You Should Probably Know About Brew Bistro Rooftop and Lounge

Hello, it’s me.

I was wondering if you remember that I’m still a blogger? Seriously though, I barely do. I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA… I really don’t have a good excuse besides the fact that I was on a much needed vacation. But I’ve missed this, missed blogging. I’ve been itching to come back to it so here we go!

Also Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, and all that good stuff.

Okay but since we’re now on the topic, why do people still wish each other a Happy New Year when we’re so far into it? It’s not “new” anymore. I mean, are you going to be wishing people you haven’t seen since 2015 a Happy New Year in February?? I wished the people I was with a Happy New Year at 12:00:01 on January 1st and thats it.

Anyway, here we go.

As most of you probably know, the Brew Bistro Rooftop and Lounge is finally open (and has been for a while)! What you may not know is I live about five minutes away so it will now be my new local. Here are some other (more interesting) facts you probably don’t know, but should know about Brew Bistro Rooftop:

  1. Brew Bistro is open for brunch lunch and dinner but it’s also available for rent as a function space.
  2. brew-bistro-westlands-j-mwai-photography-7452

  3. When you’re at the new Brew for brunch, lunch, or dinner, you can enjoy an internationally inspired menu which focuses on tapas, continental, bistro, eclectic foods with uniquely Kenyan twists on them.
  4. brew-bistro-westlands-j-mwai-photography-7480

  5. Unlike Brew Bistro at Piedmont Plaza, this new Brew doesn’t have it’s own brewery but it does get it’s beer supply from the flagship Brew Bistro. Fun fact: although there isn’t a brewery on site, you can learn all about the brewing process from the murals on the wall.
  6. brew-bistro-westlands-j-mwai-photography-7495

  7.  Brew Bistro Rooftop and Lounge was built in just 6 months! Which is pretty amazing considering the dance floor in the middle of the venue can be turned into a BOXING RING.
  8. ICYMI Brew Bistro recently brewed a Jameson inspired brew called Enkare which means cool water in Maasai. This beer was made by aging Kifabock in Jameson barrels for over 4 months.The barrels in which the beer was brewed will go back to Ireland and Jameson will be brewed in these barrels to impart a beer aroma in the whiskey. Let’s hope we can get some of that here.
  9. project-hops-launch-176

  10. The bar will be introducing a new section of their bar menu called The Best of The Best. Brew Bistro has contacted 10 international mixologists and asked them to add their signature cocktail onto the menu. These delicious concoctions should be available starting next month!
  11. brew-bistro-westlands-j-mwai-photography-7461

  12. Brew Bistro has a strict age policy of 25+after 7PM to ensure a grown and mature crowd. However it’s a family space where kids are allowed until 7PM.
  13. brew-bistro-westlands-j-mwai-photography-7492

  14. Brew Bistro may be known for their home brews however they have an extensive wine list with over 200 wines on their menu.
  15. brew-bistro-westlands-j-mwai-photography-7435

  16. The Rooftop has some cool and exclusive spaces. An upstairs VIP area where you can watch the DJ spin from his booth as well as a private dining room in an enclave which can be easy to miss unless you know it’s there.
  17. VIP Lounge
    VIP Lounge

There you have it. Nine fast facts about the new Brew Bistro Rooftop and Lounge. Have anything to add to this post? Add it in the comments section below!

All photos by J. Mwai Photography

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  1. Welcome back. It was about time!

  2. Welcome back. It was about time!!

  3. Hi Soni! Apart from being an awesome place to hang out….it’s fab to note that this place gets super busy on Friday nights! So unless you don’t mind seating at the bar like me, I would suggest making reservations in advance 😉

  4. Finally lol! I’d even sent a random snap to you asking what happened. I didn’t know what was upstairs because it looked quite cramped but I’ll check it out when I return. ION Piedmont brew which is 5 mins from where I live has a well deserved breather now that this one has opened lol! I love both places and thanks for the added info esp on Enkare and the additional cocktails can’t wait!

    • Hey Alexandra! I’ve heard that Piedmont has had less foot traffic since this new Brew has opened. Is that true? Thanks for following along! 🙂

      • Yes it does. I was there last week Wednesday seated outside for salsa and I could see the bar on the other side! Shock! It’s a proper balance now.

      • Yes I was there last week Wednesday seated outside for salsa and I could see the bar on the other side! Shock! It’s well balanced now between the two spots and it makes it easier for parties coming from Westie sides to just go to Fortis and we on Ngong road to go to Piedmont. Also can you give a hint on your choices for NRW?? Thanks.

        • Wow! That’s pretty awesome. I should check out Piedmont sometime just to see what it’s like. Hmmm I’ve got my eye on a few restaurants… About Thyme because they’re always solid. Was looking at menus from Tapas, Mediterraneo, Caramel, Bamboo, Talisman, and J’s so not really sure yet haha. You?

          • Isn’t About Thyme’s menu almost similar to last years or is it just the dessert? My tactic this year is variety in options and going in big groups where I can secretly sample everything lol! Jiko has quite a spread, never been to Bamboo so that’s possible, Mediterraneo because I’ve never had a profiterole and I’m anxious to try really. Plus maybe Soko because of the duo chocolate mousse 🙂 My sister loves Nigerian food and she keeps hinting at Mama Ashantis so when she decides we may. Your love for J’s in undoubted lol!

          • Lol.

            I think the About Thyme menu looks pretty different. Larder looks interesting too … Just looked up Soko and their menu looks yummy!

          • It does and it’s simple. Just looked up Talisman and I’m officially confused. Now that’s a menu!! It sucks that others haven’t put up their menus though. Anyway hopefully I’ll spot you in any one of these places if not i”ll be looking out on snap chat 🙂

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  6. Boy, your blog is good!
    I visited the ‘New Brew’, as I like to call it, and didn’t know they had a 25+ policy, because I got in easy peasy and this girl is not 25+! Haha.
    I enjoyed the read.

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