Hallmark Holidays: Valentine’s Day

Oh the pressure of Hallmark Holidays. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, the list is endless. Often it can feel lonely if you don’t conform to the celebratory norm wether you have a significant other or not. If you don’t have a significant other on Valentine’s Day you may feel the need to keep yourself busy, or if you have a SO you may feel the need to do something “special”: buy a gift, go to dinner, take a trip, have a day-long sex marathon.

It can be difficult to fight that lonely thought that keeps nagging at you… Especially with all the love-marketing thrusted in your face. Well I’m here to tell you to do you. If you don’t have a bae this Valentine’s Day, hang out with a friend! Or better yet, treat Sunday the 14th like you would any other Sunday: go to brunch, stay at home watching Netflix until your eyes tear, eat junk food.

If you are so inclined to go out there and do something different, there are plenty of restaurants with Valentine’s Day offers and specials. Most of these restaurants are offering a fixed priced menu for two so you’ll need a friend, or a Tinder companion, or your mom or dad.

Side bar: speaking of Tinder, has anyone read that blog about the Canadian girl who went on a bunch of Tinder dates then wrote about the funny/weird/horrible experiences she had? If so, please link it below. I can’t find it anymore and used to love reading it!

Back to Valentine’s Day: I had the opportunity to try out Sarova Stanley’s Valentine’s Day menu at The Pool Deck. It’s a three course menu (with an amuse bouche). This is a decedent menu offering that will leave you full and itching to get back to the gym.

The amuse bouche is almost too pretty to eat. Crab meat wrapped in smoked salmon with two types of caviar sprinkled on top.


The starter is an asparagus truffle velouté (basically a soup) followed by a lemon sorbet with strawberry and green pepper compote. The velouté is rich and creamy and the lemon sorbet is the palette cleanser you need to lead you into the main course.



The main course presents you with the option of a veg or non-veg meal. I decided to try the smoked duck breast with a beetroot foam and Grand Marnier glaze. The presentation of this dish is half of the delight. The other half is in eating it.


I can’t explain this slightly deranged expression.
I can’t explain this slightly deranged expression.

Last but most certainly not least: dessert. A trio of chocolate with a 70% Belgian chocolate ice cream. It’s not Valentine’s Day if you don’t eat dessert and this one is particularly chocolate-y. I don’t usually like white chocolate, I’m a dark chocolate girl (IF you know what I mean 😉 ) but this white chocolate with pistachio and what tasted like kulfi is AMAZING.


You’ll finish your meal with coffee or tea and petit four (small confectionary candy) if you can fit it into your belly.

The Sarova Stanley Valentine’s Day menu is available from the 12th – 14th of February and is ksh 3,500 per person.

This is usually the part where I’d ask you what your Valentine’s Day plans are but like I said earlier, no pressure! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend ahead filled with love from friends, family, or bae. 🙂

All photos by J. Mwai Photography

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