Eat Chocolate and Drink Champagne

This should really be your life motto if it isn’t already. I’ve touched on the hardships of Hallmark Holidays before and if there’s one great universal truth about Valentine’s Day, it’s that anyone and everyone has an excuse to eat chocolate and drink champagne to their hearts desire.

Well, today’s the day.

Today is the day.

Valentine’s Day.

Let’s get to the good part. I walked to ArtCaffe Grand in Westgate to pick up some Valentine’s Day supplies. I got chocolate truffles, berry tarts, and a slice of 100% chocolate cake. When I think of Valentine’s Day I think of lots of chocolate and splashes of red decoration… Which is also kind of what I think about when I’m going through a tough break up. Kind of ironic.


I really enjoy ArtCaffe’s baked goods. They always taste fresh and are simply well-made. I think ArtCaffe has hit the nail on the head when it comes to consistency and value for money… Although the chocolate truffles were pretty expensive but they’re delicious so I splurged :/



My favourite dessert of the day was the 100% chocolate cake. If you don’t know by now, I fucking love chocolate. I mean, I love chocolate so much that I used to carry a bar of 70% dark chocolate in my purse everywhere I went in uni.

*I got a chocolate bar in my bag, swag!*

Because the chocolate bar was 70% chocolate I used to let myself believe it was “healthy”. There’s nothing healthy about eating through an entire chocolate bar every two days. I used to wonder why I had put on weight in uni… LOL JOKE’S ON ME.

Anyway, chocolate is my best friend. If I had a celebrity couple name it would be SoNella.


Here are some important tips for dinner tonight:

  1. Eat dessert before dinner because YOLO. It’s the best part of the meal, TREATYOSELF
  2. Refer to tip #1
  3. If available, drink champagne


I’ve had this champagne in my fridge for about 6 months now.. It gets better with age right? If it doesn’t get better with age, does it at least not go bad?

Anyway, today is a good a day as any to drink champagne and best believe I’ll be enjoying a glass with breakfast.

Cheers to you! <3

All photos by J. Mwai Photography

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  1. LOL! Didn’t we all lie to ourselves when we bought the dark chocolate option that it was healthier so twice the amount isn’t as bad as half a milk one? Frankly I just prefer the taste of dark chocolate tbh and that cake looks so mouth watering I may just pay AC a visit on my way home :). Another lovely post

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