The Cure

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by gin…. Yeah me too, but I love a good Gin & Tonic, so sue me.

I was meeting my Dad for lunch after a night G&Ts and we decided to meet at a place down the road called Burger Hut. Do you know it? Of course you do. I feel like I’m late to the party. After my first encounter with Burger Hut I immediately swore by it and told my Dad that that was where we had to meet for lunch.

Burger Hut is nestled between a casino and a betting organization across from Black Diamond on Mpaka Road. It’s a little out of place for a church-run burger joint but it’s been open since 1986 so it’s seen a lot change in that Westlands neighborhood.

As I walked down the dark hallway to the light at the end of the tunnel, I ran into Sam, a friend of mine. He’s been eating at Burger Hut for as long as he can remember. He swore by the veggie burger and when I told him  I was there to do a review, he told me I had to try the veggie burger with a side of tartar sauce. He also told me this interesting tidbit: in case you’re ever doubting just how good Burger Hut is, Sam has a Congolese friend who flies to Canada frequently for business and intentionally routes his flights through Nairobi with a layover that’s long enough JUST TO VISIT BURGER HUT. THIS MAN REROUTES HIS INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT TO EAT A BURGER IN WESTLANDS.

That story put some pep in my step. I got to Burger Hut just after my Dad and we ordered three burgers: the veggie burger, the double cheese burger, and the bacon cheese burger plus a side of fries, a side of tartar sauce, two tropical juices and a coke.


OOOOO LAWD. These burgers were fire.

All of the burgers come on a bun that’s been sliced into thirds. The bottom third holds the lettuce and tomato, the top third holds the patty and other toppings plus a secret sauce. I called it a secret sauce because every hidden gem needs a secret sauce, but when I later spoke to the owner he told me it was simply a homemade mayonnaise and ketchup mixture. Let’s call it the secret sauce though.


The veggie burger tasted like it was a potato base but with lots of caramelized fried onions. It was definitely delicious but I still swear by the meat burgers.

Any of the “double” burgers, like the double cheese burger Jacquie got, are double the meat patty and double the cheese. In this case, the second meat patty topped with cheese sits on the bottom third of the bun with the tomato and lettuce.


These burgers are the cure; to heart break, to hangovers, to sadness, to hunger, to your worries.


Our entire meal (sides, burgers, drinks) cost us about ksh 2,500. If I remember correctly, burgers range in price from around ksh 450 to ksh 700. One burger is probably enough to fill you, especially if you get a double. But you can’t eat a burger without fries, amirite?

Luckily for us (and not so much my waist line) Burger Hut is open everyday. Monday – Saturday from 7AM to 9PM and Sunday’s from 7AM to 8PM. The ONLY day Burger Hut is closed is on the first of every year. I could cry.


Have you been to Burger Hut? Please tell me you loved it as much as I did.

All photos by J. Mwai Photography

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  1. Dude I’ve heard so much about this place and I STILL haven’t been – definitely need to go now!!!

  2. Burger hut has the same vibe as Sno-Cream parlour. LOVE THEM!

  3. I haven’t but now I sure will! ION How do you manage to keep off what you eat woman??? My gosh it’s a ripleys kinda sitch ha! You and your dad have the same profile 🙂

    • Hahaha idk man. I take several walks a day to and from the kitchen. Does that count as exercise?

      I’ve heard before that my Dad and I look similar … Can’t tell if that’s a good thing 😉

  4. i loooooove burger hut!!!!! and i like how it’s tucked in the corner of the building. Now I want one!

  5. I absolutely love their veggie burgers – NOTHING beats them! Haven’t tried their fries or the tartar sauce. That’s up next!

    Oh and this post got me immensely craving Burger Hut

  6. Lol…I would never order a veggie burger. and I have also heard pleasant reviews of the place maybe this blog post is a sign that it is time.
    P.S: I finally visited J’s after reading your posts and watching several enticing snaps

    • Haha you gotta do it do add variety to your posts!

      Link me to your J’s article (if you wrote one) I’ll check it out. How did you like it?

  7. Gosh how and why haven’t I ever tried burger hut. Now I feel like booking a flight to just come and try them. Sounds delicious…. Next time a must try.

    Thanks for sharing. xxxx

  8. Lilian Olembo

    Long live burger hut! Now I want a cheese burger for dinner:) Great article!

  9. Lilian Olembo

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  10. Brenda Depends

    We used to sneak out of school in 1990/91 to go and feast on these absolutely nyummy Burger Hut burgers! Still love them.

  11. Who has the best burgers? Urban Burger or burger hut? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Good question! Depends what kind of burger you want. Burger Hut is more pocket friendly and has some amazing classics whereas Urban Burger is more upscale and has gourmet toppings/unique flavour combos.

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