I Have Interests

I promise I do. Although food is one of the biggest loves of my life, there are times when I’m not eating, or reading about recipes, or looking at other bloggers’ food adventures. There are times when it’s quieter, where I fill my time with the Internet, Netflix, and music as well as friends, and the occasional breath of fresh air outdoors. 😉

I’d like to introduce you to these other parts of my life. They’re often accompanied by a glass of wine, a cup of hot tea, or a bag of crisps, but they’re there. I’d like to have this sort of post as often as possible, hopefully once a month. If you’re into it, let me know. If not, let me know. After all, I hope it’s something that you’ll enjoy reading.

So let’s begin.

The Internet

I have a love/hate relationship with The Internet. But at the end of the day, I probably spend around 70% of my day on The Internet, 10% sleeping and 20% doing all the other stuff in between. Today I’ll share parts of The Internet that I love. The parts that leave me laughing till I cry in a dark room alone and feeling a little loony because of it.


30 Days of Tinder:

Thanks again Alexandra for linking me back to this blog. It’s a laughable adventure of a 20-something year old who’s on a mission to go on 30 Tinder dates in 30 days. She shares her experiences on these dates, her thought process behind choosing the date, and the trials and tribulations of taking on such a task. I feel like she often writes how I think, it’s really amusing. She didn’t expect to become viral but alas, this is The Internet and after a quick read from a journalist, it spread like wildfire.

I’ve Got Cake


Meet Dana, the founder of the I’ve Got Cake blog. She writes up food recipes she creates and mixes in fabulous fashion posts. I was particularly drawn to her work because she always starts off her blog posts with an anecdote about her life or day. I think she’s funny and I love that her tone is totally herself. She clearly writes like she speaks.

Hater With Humour


A little closer to home, I discovered Hater With Humour through my Dad who’s currently living in Kampala. This is a blog about a young Ugandan woman name Lindsey. She’s sharp witted and has a fantastic way with words. Her blog posts are mini excerpts of her life and musing in about 500 words or less and she will make you LAUGH. Some of my favourite posts from here are: Club Shorty. You WERE a good idea., I want to give these Kenyans all my money, Do you know you look naked?, and Are you a goat?. Enjoy.


It’s too long to get into here but a friend of mine recently showed me how to Reddit. I mean, I’ve always known it’s there and has a huge following but never really ‘gotten’ how to find the great content on there. So, sometimes I go on Reddit maybe one day I’ll share the great threads I’ve found on there.


Yeah Soni we get it, you love Snapchat blah blah blah. I do. I truly do. I’m not afraid to make funny faces in public as I use the animated features within the app. I usually document food stuff on there but there’s also behind the scenes of upcoming blog posts, a bit of my life, and once in a while you’ll hear me speak or laugh… I’ve been told I should be in my Snapchats more. Maybe one day I will be. My username is: sonisideup1 if you’re so inclined to follow.


I used to do this thing in uni with my best friend which we would call a “five minute dance party”. We had class on the same time on Friday that would be let out at around 2:30PM and we would always meet up in agreed upon location (usually her room or mine) and we’d have a five minute dance party to start our weekend. You’d be surprised how much energy, joy, and laughter comes out of these events. We’d blast shitty music and jump around and dance till we were out of breath… I think about bringing that back because it was a GOOD time. Morgan, if you’re reading this, NEVER FORGET TO DANCE.


Second fun fact — when my mom would make good food for me as a child, I would dance. I sometimes catch myself dancing in my seat when I eat a particularly good meal these days… Old habits die hard.

Anyway, here’s some music I’ve been listening to recently (and no I’m not going to put Work on the list):

Katcho Change (Feat. Lisa Noah & Jaaz Odongo) (Foozak Remix) – Stakato
Adonai (Feat. Castro) – Sarkodie
Emergency – D’banj
Almost Famous – G Eazy
Say Nada (Feat. JME)  – Shakka
Middle (Feat. BiPolar Sunshine) – DJ Snake
As Crazy As It Is – ZHU x A-Trak x Keznamdi

Alright that about does it.

Thanks for following along and let me know what you think of this new addition in the comments section below 🙂

All photos by J. Mwai Photography

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  1. Alexandra

    Aaaaw my first shout out I’m so stoked!! Thank you and you’re welcome :). I’ll make a point to read the sites mentioned above during my ever procrastinated free time.

  2. Anonymous

    I enjoyed this post Soni! I even bookmaked 30 days of tinder. Also… cool pants! 😀

  3. I enjoyed this post Soni!! Bookmarked 30 days of tinder, thank you! Also…. Cool pants! 😀

  4. FIRST…..please return my pants! thanks

    second…lol @ your dance moves

    Third ….i enjoyed this post…..

    okay, as you were! see you on the snap 🙂

  5. Who knew you had more to offer than all those optical foodie treats i so envy!! #LoveIT

  6. I love Dana. Her recipes are always tempting and look delicious but I looooove her sense of humour. So funny

  7. I also love your Kanga pants. Simple and gorgeous. xxx

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks for introducing me to “I’ve got Cake”!!

    Super hilarious!!! lol

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