All Day Every (Fri & Satur) Day

What is it about drinking till the early morning hours that makes you so hungry? The dancing? The small talk? The fact that with each passing hour you’re creeping further into breakfast territory and further away from “socially acceptable”? Whatever the case, it can be the best of times and it can be the worst of times.

If, like me, you find yourself out till 3AM on electric avenue with the drunchies, it’s hard to satisfy those cravings without waking up with guilt the next morning. A night of drinking till 3AM and eating fried chicken and chips is like waking up after a one night stand: the probability for regret is high. It’s as if you’re testing your body’s limits — how much abuse can it take?

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely a time and place for chips coated in oil and chicken that’s been cooked in grease that’s questionably old. But that time should be sacred. It’s a part of those wild stories that you and your friends seldom discuss in public. Those are the stories kept close to the heart. For every other night, for the “polite nights” there’s ArtCaffe Oval.

That’s right, ArtCafe Oval has just changed the game. Their branch at The Oval is open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays and has been that way since February 12th. Their announcement made me extremely happy and at EatOut Kenya, we decided to celebrate their new operating hours by having a Blogger’s Night Out…. At 5AM.


It didn’t matter how bloggers chose to get to Artcaffe at 5AM (whether it was by pulling an all nighter or setting their alarm clocks early), all that was that the whole team was there.

Sure enough, by 5:30 we were all sitting around a table sipping coffees and waiting for our meals to come out. We ate everything from pancakes and waffles, to chicken wings and pizza. It. Was. Glorious.

You know what else rocks about going to restaurants that are usually busy at off-peak hours? Service is impeccable. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how attentive, polite, and accommodating our waiter was at 5 in the morning after working (what I imagined was) a long shift.

The food was just as good as it usually is at any other time of day. You’ve got to give it up to Artcaffe for their consistency. The only thing that was missing from the menu was a few of the baked goods. Artcaffe gets a fresh delivery of their baked goods every morning at around 6AM so it’s not surprising that after a full days service they didn’t have almond croissants at 5AM… Their almond croissants are AMAZING. I could eat one at anytime of day or night, hungry or not.


As always, it was such a pleasure to get together with the lovely food and lifestyle bloggers of Nairobi. We had some new faces and a lot of hearty laughs. This is a surprisingly chipper and upbeat group for a 5AM hang out.

Maybe one day I’ll catch you on the Artcaffe Oval balcony. Till then, HMU in the comments section.. Or in Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat… You get the drift. 😉

Be sure to check out the upcoming edition of Yummy Magazine to see a recap of the Blogger’s Night Out and check the hashtag #BlogOutKe to see what other bloggers thought of the event!

Photos courtesy of Tatiana Karanja.

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  1. YASSS! You said it all 🙂 so much fun, Soni! Thanks for organizing it

  2. I would never make a 5am date. EVER. LOL
    Looks like it was a lot of fun. and you all look pretty alert for that ungodly hour.

  3. It is always good to have great conversations with food which looks amazing by the way.

  4. Great article babe looked amazing. Must try for sure

  5. I saw this on your snapchat a while back and I wanted to HYU but unfortunately I couldn’t :(. It looked so good then and looks so delicious seeing them now captured in such intricate detail. Sigh! Back to my morning green tea which is perfect for the drooling envy I’m experiencing now lol!

    • Hey Alexandra! I think I changed the settings on my snapchat so you should be able to snap me back. Maybe you can send a test snap? I want people to be able to snap me too! 🙂

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