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For the month of May, you can get 15% off your wine purchase at Slater & Whitaker if you say you read this blog post!



Here’s a little more to sweeten the deal (plus details on where to get this offer):

I went to a Slater & Whitaker for a wine tasting recently with EatOut Kenya and we got to try some Argentinian wines: a white, a rosé, and a red. This was the first of several wine tastings Slater & Whitaker hope to have. It was an intimate affair, I think there were only five of us in attendance which really turned this tasting into part tasting, part getting to know everyone.


Slater & Whitaker is a distributor here in Nairobi with a small store but a good selection on wines and spirits.



We started our wine tasting with shots… Yes, shots. I guess it was kind of a toast to the weekend and set the mood for a fun and light hearted tasting.

We then got to try one of the newly released JP Chenet wines called the “Ice edition”. This was pretty interesting. There’s a faux pas associated with dropping ice cubes in wine (but we all do it, especially when it’s hot amiritie?) however, this JP Chenet is made so that you need ice cubes to release it’s flavour. It’s a light sparkling wine which comes in both rosé and white varieties. It was surprisingly enjoyable! I feel like this is something that would be great at a picnic or Blankets and Wine or something where you’re always struggling to keep drinks cold.

Once we’d had our shots and tasted the JP Chenet (lol), we got to tasting the Argentinian wines. They were accompanied by a plate of Sirmon cheeses, fruit, and jam from Jars of Goodness. Guys, I LOVE CHEESE.


My favourite wine we tasted was the red Michael Torino Malbec from Argentina.

As mentioned earlier, wine tastings at Slater & Whitaker will be held all week, every week now! You can call ahead to reserve a spot, or just walk in. The cost is ksh 600 to try three different wines. If you ask me, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

SO get 15% off your purchase of wine (not applicable to wines already on offer) and, if you’re indecisive about which wine to pick (as I almost always am) stay for a tasting!

Slater and Whitaker is located on 16 Westlands Road. It’s just past Griffin’s College if you’ve joined Westlands Road from Mpaka Road. You can also call them on 0722 533 592.

I hope you all have a lovely long weekend and stay warm in this cold and rainy Nairobi weather. 🙂

All photos courtesy of J. Mwai Photography


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