New Mediterrasian Sushi Experience

I wrote about Ocean Basket a looooong time ago, back when this blog was basically a fetus. Really it’s just about a year ago but it’s crazy to think of how far this has come!

Well, I don’t go to Ocean Basket much but I was recently invited to the sneak peak of the Mediterrasian sushi menu that’s about to launch at the restaurant. The endeavor is spearheaded by Pepi Anveski, a Swedish born and Cyprus raised master sushi chef. Pepi was the 2013 World Sushi Champion and won the 2014 Most Creative Sushi Chef at the World Cup in Japan. Best of all, Pepi was in Nairobi to prepare some of the dishes off of this new sushi menu for me and a few other bloggers.

Mediterrasian sushi is pretty self explanatory: traditional sushi with a Mediterranean twist of ingredients and flavours. Some of the added Mediterranean ingredients include: fried calamari, zucchini, lemon, tzatziki and red onion.

It’s an interesting concept and who better to execute it than the 2014 Most Creative Sushi Chef? That brings us to the new menu tasting last Thursday night at Ocean Basket.

Before getting into it, Jacquie couldn’t join me that evening so unfortunately I only have Ocean Basket images of the new sushi menu.

We enjoyed a few glasses of sparkling wine and got to know each other. Once everyone had arrived, we sat around the bar and Pepi came out and introduced himself and his background. Shortly thereafter, the sushi started to come out. Colourful large rolls some wrapped in zucchini and carrot, others with calamari legs sticking out the top. Most of them were quite flavourful.

Salmon Tomato Roll
Salmon Tomato Roll

I’d have to say, my favourite Mediterrasian sushi rolls that we tried that day were the Salmon Tomato Roll which us dinners playfully dubbed as the “Kachumbari Roll”. It’s a California-style salmon roll with basil and topped with diced tomatoes and onion. The Kachumabri Roll has fresh bold flavours which tasted different from other sushi I had had but was very  I also really enjoyed the Lemon Salmon Roll which was another California-style salmon roll made with fresh lemon and zesty lemon mayo on top. It wasn’t a burst of flavour but the subtle creaminess and freshness of the lemon wonderfully complimented the rich, buttery salmon.

Salmon Lemon Roll
Salmon Lemon Roll

If you go to Ocean Basket to try this new menu, I highly suggest you try one of the above rolls. I usually go to Ocean Basket for their cooked menu but now I’d go back for a Salmon Tomato Roll and a Lemon Salmon Roll.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the roll outt of the new menu! 🙂

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  1. Alexandra

    Is it embarrassing to say I have never tried sushi and it’s 2016! Sigh. It looks good from the photos though I’d have to go with a sushi fan to school me a bit on etiquette involved. Good pointers

  2. Alexandra

    Then I will trust your judgement and go there! Thank you!! 🙂

  3. Also never tried sushi, maybe it’s about time! ❤❤ the photos

  4. I’m not sure how the Japanese would feel about salmon tomato rolls but I AM HERE FOR IT! Looks sooooooooooo good. I’d also be keen to try out something tzatziki-flavoured. YES to Mediterrasian sushi. YES!


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