G.H. Mumm & Champagne Myths Debunked

I like to think that you visit this blog to learn a thing or two and/or to be entertained. Well, today I’m here to provide you with a nugget of truth that I hope is entertaining. I have put myself forward as your personal Guinea pig and I’m here to tell you, the myth that a night of drinking only champagne may not actually lead to a morning sans hangover. Well, a night of drinking mostly only champagne.

If you follow me on Snapchat then you know I was at the Bastille Day celebrations at the French Ambassadors residence courtesy of an invite I got through work. It was a night filled with good conversation, dancing and of course, great French food and drink. One of the drinks at the open bar was G.H. Mumm Champagne, a light, crisp, champagne that flowed endlessly through the night. That night, someone had started a rumor that the bar was going to run out of champagne shortly which meant to me that I needed to take full advantage of it.

I don’t drink champagne often and by often I mean I’ve probably only drank actual champagne a handful of times. I had heard the myth that a champagne-only evening means no hangovers in the morning. People say that about a lot of brands/liquors/beers really. Well, it’s not true. I had a “healthy” amount of champagne, one glass of wine and a couple sips of cognac and the following morning I wasn’t doing too well.

I headed to work Friday morning and remembered I had RSVP’ed to attending the G.H. Mumm bar launch at Fairmont, The Norfolk. Did I go? Hell yeah. I powered through like a boss. Plus, even if champagne does leave you with a hangover, you know what’s been proven method of staving hangovers? Hair of the dog. AKA returning back to whatever you were drinking the night before, the following day. LET ME BE CLEAR THOUGH this isn’t an excuse to go on another bender. No. You can have one or two additional drinks. It also might make you feel better for an hour but you’ll definitely still feel the hungover later that day and it might be worse than the initial one you were expecting.

What I’m trying to say is — remember to stay hydrated people. Drink lots of water, be healthy, etc. But also hair of the dog is a thing and it works.

ANYWAY I went to the launch of the G.H. Mumm bar and it was fabulous! We tried two G.H.  Mumm varietals: Cordon Rouge and Rosé. Both champagnes were made for easy drinking. I can picture myself sipping G.H. Mumm Mimosas (Mummosas anyone?) late in the morning at the beach somewhere.

After Damien (the Brand Ambassador for G.H. Mumm and Martel at Pernod Ricard) made a brief introduction and gave a quick lesson on champagne, champagne flutes were passed around with Mumm Cordon Rouge, Mumm Rosé and Mumm Cordon Rouge mimosas. Norfolk The Fairmont provided some delicious canapés all created to pair with the champagne.

To celebrate the launch of this new bar, G.H. Mumm will have Mumm Hour every Monday – Friday from 6PM to 7PM with champagne flowing and unique culinary pairings. Cheers to that!

Damien Souchet
Damien Souchet
Champagne tree (the best kind of tree)
Champagne tree (the best kind of tree)

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  1. Champagne happy hour! Isn’t that the dream? How long is the promotion going for? This might be the perfect time to visit Nairobi again…

  2. Alexandra

    I saw this on your snapchat and I really wanted to see the “pop” moment but you mentioned he was too quick lol! I’ve drank champagne ONCE this past new years and I swiftly declared a “no thanks” mentality towards it. Is this one easier to swallow? Or just as dry? The canapes looked delicious and the hair of the dog REALLY helps!

  3. I do not believe hair of the dog at all! I quit alcohol a few weeks ago so I guess I won’t be needing hangover remedies anymore. LOL. Mummosas sound tempting though!



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