A One-Of-A-Kind Cocktail Bar

A few Thursday’s ago, Pernod Ricard Kenya launched the very first ABSOLUT cocktail bar in East Africa right here in our backyard! This premium vodka cocktail bar sits perched at the top of a staircase at dusitD2 Hotel, next to the outdoor section of Zing.

The theme of the evening was “Tonight is Yours to Create” and it rang true through different aspects of the launch with creative minds and creative concepts. There was a caricature artist (who kinda made me look like Courtney Cox AKA Monica from Friends), a couple graffiti artists, a DJ and visually stunning cocktails.





Kurt Schlechter was back in Nairobi whipping up some delicious ABSOLUT cocktails. Honestly, I’m not a vodka person, but Kurt can make a mean cocktail and I was swayed by a couple of the creations that night.

One of my favourites from the evening was the Raspberri & Candyfloss Collins if only for the Instagrammable candy floss that balanced delicately on top of a mason jar filled with ABSOLUT Raspberri and mixers.



These were probably some of the most creative cocktail concoctions I’ve seen in Nairobi to-date closely followed by the drinks at Nyama Mama.



If you want to #BeAbsolut you can catch the ABSOLUT cocktail bar open from Wednesday to Friday from 4PM – 10PM. Grab your own Kurt Schelchter original cocktail and enjoy this one-of-a-kind bar.

Me and Jayson reunited at long last
Me and Jayson reunited at long last
Michelle (General Manager EatOut) and Sheila

Cheers to that!


All photos courtesy of J. Mwai Photography


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