‘Tis The Brunch Season

The holiday season is here! AKA the brunch season. Well, it’s always brunch season, but the holidays give you the opportunity to brunch more regularly than you might otherwise. It’s a time of year we all look forward to whether it means going down to the beach or hanging out with family and friends. This year, I’ll be taking the time to hang out with family and friends over really good food. As you know by now, brunch is my favourite meal of any day. With 10 days off this holiday season, what better way to enjoy it than with glorious brunches around the city?

I recently visited Brioche to try their brunch menu with Tatiana. The european-style restaurant and bakery is a little off the beaten path in Karen. In fact, if you didn’t know where to look, you may drive straight past it. Brioche is in the Watermark Business Park, a quiet, lush office park with beautiful garden space.

We started tried the prosciutto tartine, beef and pesto sandwich, eggs Benedict and a summery chicken salad. Brioche concentrates on using the freshest organic ingredients to create beautifully presented and delicious dishes. It was hard to pick a favourite but if you ever visit you have to try the prosciutto tartine or the beef and pesto sandwich.

Prosciutto Tartine
Beef and pesto sandwich
Chicken salad
Eggs Benedict

Brioche has as very home-y feel to it from it’s decor to it’s staff. The waitstaff is friendly and attentive and the general manager will be sure to check in on your table. Plus, as we were leaving, we were offered complimentary macarons at the door; a small ‘gift bag’ (if you will) for guests who attended the brunch. How nice is that?!

The meals at Brioche are light and healthy which allows you to walk away form an indulgent meal guilt-free and energized. If you have space for it, you can (and should) try one of their homemade baked goods at the counter. So many desserts to choose form, so little time! All the baked goods are freshly made by their head pastry chef.

Apart from being a restaurant and bakery, Brioche hosts events from wine tastings to family brunches. Be sure to check out their Facebook page to stay on top of what’s happening.

All photos courtesy of Tatiana Karanja.

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  1. I should send Yahoo a complaint because I didn’t get a notification that you were back up until I decided o snoop through your IG! Good to have you back and with treats that I can scoff down without guilt!

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