Let The Party Come To You With Jumia Party

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Who’s your hero? Mine is the delivery man. Whether it’s a boda guy or someone from company X, in just about any scenario, the delivery man can save your day. Too lazy to cook? Get food delivered. Too lazy to go grocery shopping? Get ingredients delivered. It’s 11PM, your party is running out of booze and all the shops are closed? Get alcohol delivered.

I attended the recent launch of Jumia Party, a new alcohol delivery platform by Pernod Ricard Kenya and Jumia Food. The launch was held at Fundii Centre for the Arts, a small art gallery in Muthaiga. DJ Fooz was on the decks while the Jameson, Absolut and Havana bars kept the drinks flowing. Walking into the small art gallery felt like walking into an intimate (yet upscale) house party.


Any launch that’s got a house party feel to it is going to be a good time. Guests were relaxed, mingling and generally having a good time as we waited for things to get going. Opening remarks were made: a brief introduction to the platform by both a Jumia Food and Pernod Ricard Kenya representative. The new delivery platform aims to provide consumers with a convenient, efficient and easy delivery service. The Jumia Party platform promises delivery of your order within one hour of placing it! Plus, payments can be made by cash or Lipa Na M-Pesa upon delivery.

Sheila Rabala of Rabala’s Delights happily offered to test the service, ordering a bottle of Olmeca Dark Chocolate tequila to Fundii. As we waited for the bottle to arrive, the Havana bar (located in a seperate, smaller room) opened up with mojitos, salsa music and salsa dancers. Jumia Food provided bitings from different restaurants from Mama Rocks burgers, to sushi, and chicken wings from Nyama Mama.

Before the hour was up, the (heroic) delivery man came through with the bottle.

Look at how happy Sheila is! 😂

What better way to celebrate the arrival of tequila? Drinking games!

Just kidding.

Well, not really. We diplay a quick quiz which tested how closely we’d been paying attention to what the Jumia Party platform offers. After each question, the team that got the answer right won a round of shots. The final winning team won merchandise. Clearly these guys know how to throw a house party. The most I’ve ever walked away from a house party with is a bad headache and shoes that weren’t mine.

Winner winner chicken dinner

Jumia Party will deliver to you anywhere in Nairobi and offers everything from whiskey, rum, vodka and gin to wines, beers and mixers. They offer 24 hour deliveries from Thursday – Saturday and on public holidays and on Sundays to Wednesdays from 10AM to 10PM.

If the phrase “new year new me” rings true to you then this year, let the party come to you. Cheers!


  1. Guys were having some serious fan there. wow

  2. Cheers to lounging at home and having your drinks delivered to your door step. Game nights just got better.

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