Hot Pot Table

Rain Drop, Hot Pot*

*I apologise for the title. When is Nairobi going to make up its mind about this weather? If you’ve suffered from a flu in the last month, raise your hand. I was on the verge of getting sick for about two weeks. Thankfully I fought it off with a lot […]

Let The Party Come To You With Jumia Party

Not All Heroes Wear Capes Who’s your hero? Mine is the delivery man. Whether it’s a boda guy or someone from company X, in just about any scenario, the delivery man can save your day. Too lazy to cook? Get food delivered. Too lazy to go grocery shopping? Get ingredients […]

A One-Of-A-Kind Cocktail Bar

A few Thursday’s ago, Pernod Ricard Kenya launched the very first ABSOLUT cocktail bar in East Africa right here in our backyard! This premium vodka cocktail bar sits perched at the top of a staircase at dusitD2 Hotel, next to the outdoor section of Zing. The theme of the evening […]

G.H. Mumm & Champagne Myths Debunked

I like to think that you visit this blog to learn a thing or two and/or to be entertained. Well, today I’m here to provide you with a nugget of truth that I hope is entertaining. I have put myself forward as your personal Guinea pig and I’m here to tell […]


This past weekend I attended the Jack Daniel’s Brothers of the Grill Barbecue aka the #JDBBQ with Jayson, Lyra, Kaluhi and lovers of good times. As you may already know I (among said bloggers and a guest chef) was judging the food vendors at the event. It may or may not […]

Never Let Go, Jack

I don’t write recipes here often and by often I mean ever. BUT I’ve recently come down with a cold. It’s the first time I’ve been sick in over a year so it was a long time coming. There’s never a ‘good’ time to get sick (except for when you’ve got […]

Doing the Most: Enkare, Jameson Live and more

Guys, let’s talk about Jameson for a minute. Remember those guys from PRK that I told you about earlier this year? The guys who brought Kurt Schlechter to Kenya? Let’s talk about how they’re doing the most. We’ve finally made it to December, or as some like to call it — […]

Mixologist Kurt Schlechter || Brew Bistro

Pernod Ricard Kenya, also known as PRK, are the unknown cool kids on the block. I’ve found that few people know who they are or what they do but if I mention Jameson, Absolut, Chivas, or Ballantine’s, eyes widen and ears perk. The French company Pernod Ricard produces distilled beverages and was established in […]