East FM Koroga Premier League

A week ago today I was invited by Jameson to attend the East FM Koroga Premier League finale. The East FM KPL is basically a cook-off marathon held over several weeks where teams knock each other out to get to the finale held at Mystique Gardens. A week ago today […]

Nairobi Restaurant Week 2016

*Oprah voice* It’s baaaaaaaaaack! Nairobi Restaurant Week is here! Nairobi Restaurant Week is here! I can almost hear the chants of all you excited foodies. #NRW2016 is a food-lovers Christmas. I probably won’t sleep well on Wednesday night in anticipation for the beginning of NRW on Thursday. My restaurant reservations […]

Doing the Most: Enkare, Jameson Live and more

Guys, let’s talk about Jameson for a minute. Remember those guys from PRK that I told you about earlier this year? The guys who brought Kurt Schlechter to Kenya? Let’s talk about how they’re doing the most. We’ve finally made it to December, or as some like to call it — […]

TWC Initiation

I don’t know about you, but whenever I think about being initiated into anything, I think of basements with sticky floors and being challenged to perform weird tasks… That’s probably because of my time spent at uni in the States. Needless to say, The Wine Club (TWC) initiation ceremony (which was […]

To-do: Become a Wine Sommelier

Seriously guys, I’ve decided to quit my job and just dedicate my life to becoming a wine sommelier. First of all, in my glorified version of what the job entails, it’s a lot of fine wine tastings and trips to Italy to stomp on grapes and stuff, right? Secondly, as I […]

Taste Awards 2015: My Two Cents

If you’re plugged into the foodie scene here in Nairobi, you have heard the buzz around the 2015 Taste Awards. As some of you may know, I had the privilege of attending the Taste Awards this year which were held at the contemporary Dusit hotel. I’d like to share with […]

Veni, Vidi, Vino: I came, I saw, I wined

Confession: I’ve never been to a wine tasting… Well, not at a venue where wine and food pairing is done. The only wine tasting I’ve done is at a vineyard, which is very different from my experience at  Salt Bar & Grill. Salt offers wine/whiskey and food pairings about once every […]

Bloggers Night Out || Furusato

EatOut Kenya recently invited me to join five other bloggers for dinner at Furusato. This dinner was hosted in light of the new sushi themed Yummy Magazine  that will be released later this week. Of course I said I would go (who in their right mind turns down free food?) […]

An eye-opening experience: Dining in the Dark || Gizani

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers of the dining in the dark experience with Gizani. Thanks to EatOut Kenya, I had the opportunity to experience dining in the dark with Gizani at Sevens Restaurant at the Village Market. Gizani is Swahili for “in the dark” and is a new experiential concept in Nairobi inspired […]