Bend, Brunch & Bottomless Mimosas

“I’ll go to the gym tomorrow” that’s basically my health regimen. There are times when I’m “good” I’ll go to the gym four or five times a week for a few months; then I’ll take one day off, which turns into two days off, and eventually snowballs into four months […]

All Day Every (Fri & Satur) Day

What is it about drinking till the early morning hours that makes you so hungry? The dancing? The small talk? The fact that with each passing hour you’re creeping further into breakfast territory and further away from “socially acceptable”? Whatever the case, it can be the best of times and […]

East FM Koroga Premier League

A week ago today I was invited by Jameson to attend the East FM Koroga Premier League finale. The East FM KPL is basically a cook-off marathon held over several weeks where teams knock each other out to get to the finale held at Mystique Gardens. A week ago today […]

I Have Interests

I promise I do. Although food is one of the biggest loves of my life, there are times when I’m not eating, or reading about recipes, or looking at other bloggers’ food adventures. There are times when it’s quieter, where I fill my time with the Internet, Netflix, and music as […]

Eat Chocolate and Drink Champagne

This should really be your life motto if it isn’t already. I’ve touched on the hardships of Hallmark Holidays before and if there’s one great universal truth about Valentine’s Day, it’s that anyone and everyone has an excuse to eat chocolate and drink champagne to their hearts desire. Well, today’s the […]

Soni Side Turn Up

I like to say that I don’t care what happens on my birthday and in most cases, I really don’t. I enjoy getting dinner with a big group of friends and then maybe a girls night out on the town. That’s about it. This year, as the time drew nearer, […]

Taste Awards 2015: My Two Cents

If you’re plugged into the foodie scene here in Nairobi, you have heard the buzz around the 2015 Taste Awards. As some of you may know, I had the privilege of attending the Taste Awards this year which were held at the contemporary Dusit hotel. I’d like to share with […]

5 Things You Should (Probably) Know About Me

1. I was a waitress Yup! I used to wait tables to get me through uni with some extra spending money. I’ve worked in a big chain restaurant, and a small boutique restaurant. I know what’s expected of good service, but I also know what’s expected of good customers. I […]

Treat Yoself Tuesday || City Park Market

I have been on a ROLL with #TreatYoselfTuesday! This past Tuesday, I visited City Park Market for the first time with my new photographer, Jacquie Mwai. If you don’t know Jacquie, you should. She’s a down to earth, easy to get along with woman who’s passionate about photography, particularly food […]