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Hallmark Holidays: Valentine’s Day

Oh the pressure of Hallmark Holidays. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, the list is endless. Often it can feel lonely if you don’t conform to the celebratory norm wether you have a significant other or not. If you don’t have a significant other on Valentine’s […]

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You Asked For It

And by “you” I mean @confusedconfuser who commented on a blog post I wrote saying she’d live vicariously through my posts about Nairobi Restaurant Week (P.S. if you’re reading now, thanks for reading all the way from Seychelles! 🙂 ). But I also mean “you” in the broader sense… All […]


Nairobi Restaurant Week 2016

*Oprah voice* It’s baaaaaaaaaack! Nairobi Restaurant Week is here! Nairobi Restaurant Week is here! I can almost hear the chants of all you excited foodies. #NRW2016 is a food-lovers Christmas. I probably won’t sleep well on Wednesday night in anticipation for the beginning of NRW on Thursday. My restaurant reservations […]

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Soni Side Turn Up

I like to say that I don’t care what happens on my birthday and in most cases, I really don’t. I enjoy getting dinner with a big group of friends and then maybe a girls night out on the town. That’s about it. This year, as the time drew nearer, […]

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Doing the Most: Enkare, Jameson Live and more

Guys, let’s talk about Jameson for a minute. Remember those guys from PRK that I told you about earlier this year? The guys who brought Kurt Schlechter to Kenya? Let’s talk about how they’re doing the most. We’ve finally made it to December, or as some like to call it — […]

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TWC Initiation

I don’t know about you, but whenever I think about being initiated into anything, I think of basements with sticky floors and being challenged to perform weird tasks… That’s probably because of my time spent at uni in the States. Needless to say, The Wine Club (TWC) initiation ceremony (which was […]


Sarova Mara Part 2

It’s funny how a little missing feature on the bedroom door spoke volumes about the staff at Sarova Mara Game Camp. As I was leaving my room the second morning, I turned around to lock the door behind me only to find there was no way to do so. I searched […]

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To-do: Become a Wine Sommelier

Seriously guys, I’ve decided to quit my job and just dedicate my life to becoming a wine sommelier. First of all, in my glorified version of what the job entails, it’s a lot of fine wine tastings and trips to Italy to stomp on grapes and stuff, right? Secondly, as I […]


Adventures in Sarova Mara Game Camp: Part 1

Soaring through the sky several thousand meters in the air riding in what can only be described as a tin can of a plane, I was overcome by feelings of excitement and terror. The beautiful Kenyan landscape below me changed quickly from residential neighborhoods, to the green Ngong hills, to a savannah […]