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Blogger’s Night Out || Clay Oven

It was the fastest BlogOut dinner with EatOut Kenya that I have ever attended. Honestly we were in and out of Clay Oven in about two hours. Are we vets to the process? Sure. Were we tired after a long day of work? Probably. Was the food a little lackluster? Unfortunately, yes. With […]

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When I Say Pizza You Say Beer! Pizza!

Sweet cheesus it is finally here! The event we have ALL been waiting for. Do I even have to tell you Nairobi Pizza Festival starts today? At this point I feel like the majority of Nairobi is either in the know or has been on a 24 hour fast in preparation for […]

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Mixologist Kurt Schlechter || Brew Bistro

Pernod Ricard Kenya, also known as PRK, are the unknown cool kids on the block. I’ve found that few people know who they are or what they do but if I mention Jameson, Absolut, Chivas, or Ballantine’s, eyes widen and ears perk. The French company Pernod Ricard produces distilled beverages and was established in […]

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Taste Awards 2015: My Two Cents

If you’re plugged into the foodie scene here in Nairobi, you have heard the buzz around the 2015 Taste Awards. As some of you may know, I had the privilege of attending the Taste Awards this year which were held at the contemporary Dusit hotel. I’d like to share with […]

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Veni, Vidi, Vino: I came, I saw, I wined

Confession: I’ve never been to a wine tasting… Well, not at a venue where wine and food pairing is done. The only wine tasting I’ve done is at a vineyard, which is very different from my experience at  Salt Bar & Grill. Salt offers wine/whiskey and food pairings about once every […]