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New Mediterrasian Sushi Experience

I wrote about Ocean Basket a looooong time ago, back when this blog was basically a fetus. Really it’s just about a year ago but it’s crazy to think of how far this has come! Well, I don’t go to Ocean Basket much but I was recently invited to the […]

An eye-opening experience: Dining in the Dark || Gizani

Disclaimer: This post contains¬†spoilers of the dining in the dark experience with Gizani. Thanks to EatOut Kenya, I had the opportunity to experience dining in the dark with Gizani at Sevens Restaurant at the Village Market. Gizani is Swahili for “in the dark” and is a new experiential¬†concept in Nairobi¬†inspired […]

Artcaffe Junction || Jan. 25, 2015 1:00PM

Brunch is life. Seriously. If you haven’t brunched, you haven’t lived. Brunch sits at a perfect time of day to accommodate laid-back weekend plans or get day drunk and avoid the Monday morning hangover. To me, it’s a great way to cap off any weekend. My friends and family know I love brunch, perhaps that explains their surprise when I told them I had never tried Artcaffe’s breakfast menu. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to Artcaffe plenty of times. Especially Artcaffe at The Oval (I love that place!) it’s great for food, coffee, or a quick drink with coworkers after a long day. Artcaffe has consistently good food and is also (in my opinion) good value for money. So naturally, when my friends insisted I try out the Artcaffe breakfast, I had high hopes. <a href="”> Read More…